Quantum Corporation
ProDrive LPS 120A

Physical Specifications
Interface ATA Capacity 122.2MB
Cylinders 1800 PreCompensation NONE
R/W Heads 2 Landing Zone AUTO
Sectors/Track MZ Platters 1
* Jumper Settings: #1 or #2 Servo Heads
Logical Specifications
Cylinders 901 PIO Mode(s)
W/R Heads 5 DMA Mode(s)
Sectors/Track 53
Performance Specifications
Average Access 16ms Track/Track 4.0ms
Onboard Cache 512KB Transfer Rate 40.0Mb
Rotation Speed 4,306 RPM
Additional Specifications
Recording Method (1,7)RLL Head Actuator VC
Tracks/in.(TPI) 1930 Bits/in.(BPI) 38600
M.T.B.F. 250K Warranty 2Y
Power 3.9Wi Height 25.4 (mm)
Plug & Play Features

Comments: 96-Bit Reed-Solomon ECC, MZR: 44-87 SECT/TRK. *Two versions of the LPS-120A exist.

revision: 4.57

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